What is My-Sessions?

My-Sessions is a unique web service developed to link photographers and surfers using facial recognition.

It’s not always easy to track down your shots and even harder for photographers to track you down.

We’ve all been there and this is how My-Sessions was born. Our ambition is simple: to remove the obstacles, no more lost contact details, putting an end to endless exchanges and uncertain transactions, and the most important get all your shots effortlessly!

With regards to privacy its is by far the most effective, without a match no-one but you will see your shots.

My-sessions.com is open to everyone with no time or usage limit.

Register for free now, only one profile photo is required!

Welcome and see you out there!

What My-Sessions Does For You?

Respect, security, simplicity, efficiency, accessibility are the words that define us.

  • Register once and receive a lifetime of your surf session photography!
  • Searching for your photos is a thing of the past! You will receive an email when you get a session match.
  • Private, your photos and personal data are protected against any unwanted commercial use or viewing.
  • Free to use and without subscription, it would be a shame to miss your sessions. Sign up now!
  • Take advantage of discounts for frequent purchases.
  • Secure payment, we use a trusted European third party.
  • Very effective, everything is done in two simple steps. First check that the surfers are registered with a simple photo. Then if yes post their sessions, we notify them via email.
  • From the beach, in the water or even in the air, no more contact detail exchanges! The entire line-up is now yours!
  • The photography is on you, we take care of the rest! We find, display, sell and send your pictures.
  • Your time is precious, we make it easy for you. You know before working on your photos if they will be seen by the surfers.
  • Clear and transparent with financial monitoring. You keep control over your activity and your prices and its free to use.

Where we Stand!

We are where you surf.
2054 Surfers
188 Photographers
8 Country
630 Sessions sold

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