Start with the faces:

To show a session to a surfer you need a photo with his face. It is with this that we will seek it among our subscribers. The photo can come from the session you want to show, from a previous session, or another.

Our service is based on facial recognition, it is imperative that you have a photo of the surfer's face to whom you want to show them.

Test if the surfers are on My-Sessions:

Back from shooting the first step is to isolate the photos with a face for each surfer. Select the most recognizable for each of them (the faces must be as clear and complete as possible). These photos are not of artistic interest so go to the point, they will be seen once by the surfer when he has to confirm that it is him. Then crop each photo on the surfer from head to toe, to easily recognize it.

Once the face photos are ready you will use the Shooting day function described in the following FAQ point. This function creates one session per surfer with the face photo you have used.

1 Surfer = 1 Face Picture = 1 Session

The “Created” sessions then have three possible statuses, the “Match”, “No Match” and the matches to be validated. Validate the matches by selecting a surfer from the proposals made.

Send “Match” Sessions !:

"Match" sessions that have a match with registered surfers will be logically viewed, we recommend that you make this a priority. Gather the surfer's files and drop them in the dedicated area of ​​the session form. The files are immediately exported to our server (but can be deleted if necessary). Select from these photos the one that will be displayed on the cover, otherwise the first one is automatically chosen.

Once all the files have been downloaded, all you have left is to publish the session by clicking on the "publish session" button.

PLEASE NOTE once the session is published, no modification will be possible! We strongly recommend that you check all the elements of the session, the info, the files, and especially the price of the session.

The session is online and an email is instantly sent to the surfer inviting him to view his session.

"No Match" Sessions are not lost:

The “No Match” sessions remain potential future sales, we will not fail to notify you by email if a surfer comes to match a session. Keep your files in stock!

Note that “No Match” sessions can also be published, they will be stored for 3 months before being automatically deleted.

As our process is based on facial recognition, it is essential to understand how it works for best results.

Nothing too complicated be assured, here are some recommendations to follow.

Good practice:

First only one surfer in the photo, if you use a photo with several faces on it there is little chance that it works correctly the system not knowing who is the person to recognise.

The photo should be clear for best results.

The face should be as full as possible. Profile photos don't work.

Tips: If a surfer comes to you, ask him to pose by showing you his equipment to have his face and his equipment. It can be useful to group your photos later especially if there are many surfers.


If the surfers don't come to you, nothing is lost to reassure you. The use of a snapshot in action is possible if it respects the points explained above.

A clear photo, with only one face as complete as possible.

Crop the image on the surfer to get as much detail as possible.

Attention remember that this photo will not be part of the photos of the session, it is only used for facial recognition.

Bad practices:

Several faces on the photo used for recognition.

Unclear photo.

Face not complete.

When you registered, you were asked to produce a photo of your face. The latter is essential for the proper functioning of the facial recognition process.

At any time, you can delete your biometric template created from this photo by disabling facial recognition from "My Profile". By doing this, you will no longer receive new sessions. Re-enabling facial recognition creates a new template from your profile picture.

You understand that if this photo does not meet the requested criteria you will not get your sessions.

Here are some criteria to follow for this picture:

Take a photo of yourself respecting the same constraints as for an identity photo.

No hat, glasses, or hair covering your face.

Take the photo indoors with a uniform light on your face.

Face the goal well.

Do not take a photo of a passport photo or any other photo.

Use your smartphone and hold it well in front of you and parallel to your face.

You can smile :) but try to keep a neutral expression as much as possible.

Note that you can redo this photo from the "My Account" section.

For surfers this allows them to get a discount if they buy more than one session in a defined period of time.

The discount applies to all sessions purchased in the time period starting with the first purchase.

It rewards surfers who make frequent purchases.

This was also thought out so as not to favor one photographer over another simply because he was quicker in posting the sessions.

For photographers, first of all, know that the reduction also applies to My-Sessions.

In the same vein as for surfers, we believe that if a reduction can motivate a sale, this is better than not making it at all.

The packages apply without distinction for photographers, it is the frequent purchases of the same surfer that triggers the reduction.

There are three types of Packages

Package # 1:

-No reduction applies the session is sold at the price indicated by the photographer.

Package # 2:

-2 sessions purchased within 15 days get a reduction of -10% (on each session)

Package # 3:

-3 sessions purchased within 15 days get a reduction of -20% (on each session)

-The -20% reduction continues for an additional 30 days and is renewed with each new purchase during this period.

Note: This Package is particularly oriented for locals and frequent surfers to allow them to benefit from better prices all the time.

When creating a session, you are asked to fill in the information relating to the session.

Note that you can modify them until the last step of its publication.

Date, Country and Spot: These three pieces of information correspond to the day of the session and its location. If you cannot find the spot in our list, select "Unlisted Spot" in the list.

You can tell us about this by contacting us.

Name: The name of the session is for your personal reference, if a session corresponds to a surfer we will tell you the name of the session you have indicated, this will allow you to find it more easily in your stock.

The name of the session is not accessible to the surfer.

Face photo: Each session must correspond to a surfer, this is where you have to select the face photo you want to test in order to know if this surfer is registered or not on our platform. There is a section dedicated to this subject.

Price € (Surfer): Indicate the selling price to the surfer for this session, the price is in euros (EUR / €) Please note that we sell the photos by batch only.

Income per package (EUR / €): Once the price of the session has been indicated, the possible revenue per package is indicated, the revenue per package is indicated in euros (EUR / €) < / p>

These different amounts correspond to your income for this Session depending on the Package type if the sale is made (the commission from My-Sessions is already deducted).

Once the session has been purchased, these disappear.

Note that some photographers apply their own markings, watermarks or even signatures to their photos.

PLEASE NOTE: They will always be present after purchase, we advise you to check this detail carefully before purchasing your session. We will not take any refund request for this reason.

Sessions are available for 3 months on My-Sessions as soon as it is put online by the photographer and before a user confirms that it is his.

Once the user has confirmed, the session is available for 15 days before it is deleted if the user does not purchase it.

Once purchased a session is accessible for life, it can be viewed at leisure and the files downloadable to the envi.

This also applies to photographers and the sessions they post.

We use MangoPay, a European third party partner for online payment management and income redistribution for photographers.

In order to transfer the content of your “Wallet” (or wallets) storing the income from your sales, start by informing your bank details in the “My Account” section

We highly recommend that you also provide a copy of your ID card or passport at the same time. Because as part of the fight against money laundering, the law requires the verification of the identity of MangoPay users. This is not mandatory but you will be limited to a transfer of 150 € (100 € for Germany) by me. And if you exceed this amount, no transfer will be possible until your identity has not been approved by MangoPay.

To make your transfer request, go to your "Activity" page and click on the "Payment Request" button.

The files accepted are of type .jpg or .jpeg, other types of files are not accepted.

Likewise, files over 5Mb will not be transferred.

After having prepared the "Face Pictures" as a reminder, these are the face photos used to find the surfers, you need one face photos per surfer, use the Shooting Day function.

This function creates in an instant one session per surfer. On the photography page click on the activity tab, you will find the shooting day button under your profile.

Indicate the date of the session, the country, and the spot where it was shot. If the spot is not on the list, use "Unlisted Spot", you can ask us to add a spot via our contact form or by writing to us at contact@my-sessions.com.

Once you have given these three pieces of information, a zone appears, it is in this one that you must place the "Face Pictures" of the surfers present in this session.


The “Face Pictures” are sent to our server and compared to registered surfers. You will certainly receive emails during the process for each surfer found.

At the end of the loading a list of all the sessions created with the “Face pictures” appears.

You can always add "Face Pictures" in the drop zone.

If you find duplicates you can remove the duplicate sessions.

To check all the matches, go back to the photography page, the matches will be presented to you one after the other for you to confirm.

At the end of these confirmations, the pending sessions that have a match appear, they are the ones that you must treat as a priority because you are on which they will be seen by the surfer.